Balancing Your Network: Quantity vs. Quality

As a nonprofit owner, you will know that connectivity is essential for your organization during this time. Your network can span across the nation and continents in a way that it couldn’t before. While your online connections may be numerous, they may not be as deep as you’d like them to be. A quality network is one that balances the quality and quantity of your connections.


Social Media


Use social media as your gateway into the local community. It’s a great way to introduce your organization into the community from afar. Follow some of the major nonprofits on your social media platforms. Don’t be afraid to dive in and get active by commenting, liking, and sharing posts.




Physical events may be out of the question at the minute, but that doesn’t mean the industry has stopped altogether. There are many virtual events that you can attend to learn more, share your nonprofit, and get to know others in the industry.


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