Avoid These I-9 Employment Verification Pitfalls

Avoid These I-9 Employment Verification PitfallsKeep your non-profit protected when filing I-9 forms. 

The I-9 form is used to verify the identity and employment authorization of all employees and is required by the government.

There is a lot happening to the I-9 regulations, so be sure that you keep informed of the latest activity. Deliver some of the best practices that help you achieve efficiencies and compliance in your non-profit with the updates below:

Learn how to avoid any I-9 mistakes which could cost your company a pretty penny.

  • Failing to examine documents in the employee’s presence.
    Always use original versions of the require proof-of-identity and work authorization documents, not copies. If no copies are available, speak with HR about how to handle the situation
  • Requiring a Social Security Number.
    It is not needed on the I-9 unless you, as the employer, is using E-Verify.
  • Checking multiple categories.
    In Section 1, “Employee Information and Attestation,” only one category may be checked.
  • Not spending enough time on Section 2.
    Often mistakes are made in this section, “Employers or Authorized Representative Review and Verification”.
  • Document abuse.
    Many employees overproduce documents for the I-9 form which is not necessary. Being over-inclusive may be considered document abuse and result in liability.

Your non-profit organization should handle all documents and forms with respect and attention, so that your company is protected. Contact Colorado Nonprofit Insurance Agency in Denver, Colorado and we will provide your non-profit with the commercial insurance that it needs and deserves.