Are Your Volunteers Protected?

Are Your Volunteers Protected?Give Yourself Peace Of Mind With Volunteer Insurance

As a nonprofit, volunteers are your lifeblood. The people who join your team, whether merely for a day or for the long term, are invaluable in ensuring all of your operations run smoothly and all of your services are properly rendered to your community. Do these men and women have protection from your company should they be injured while serving?

Protecting your volunteers is likely a high priority for you, and you probably have structures in place to keep them safe while volunteering at your place of business or in the community. Should the worst happen, though, and one of your volunteers becomes injured on the job, will you be able to help them pay the associated medical expenses?

If you do not know the answer to this question, you will likely want to secure volunteer accident insurance. This coverage will enable you to pay for an injury that occurs when one of your volunteers is serving your nonprofit. The best part of this type of insurance is that it will pay out regardless of who is at fault in the accident.

This coverage can give you peace of mind when you see that volunteer making unsafe choices even after being cautioned against them. If you cannot protect them from a minor injury, you can at least provide them with the means to cover their medical expenses.

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