How to Accommodate Mental Health in Your Nonprofit Workplace

Managing mental health issues in the workplace. Most nonprofit organizations know what to do if an employee requests an accommodation for a broken ankle. But when employees want to discuss mental illnesses, nonprofit owners are suddenly at a loss. Businesses, including nonprofits, have an Read More

How to Maintain an Effective Nonprofit Board

Ensure your nonprofit organization maintains effective board members.  Your nonprofit board is charged with the responsibility of keeping your nonprofit board afloat. But, how can you ensure that the board continues to be invested in your nonprofit and strives to keep it running? You may have Read More

Starting a Nonprofit: Understanding the 501C3 Application Process

Tips on how to handle the 501c3 application.   Receiving a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) status from the IRS is one of the most important steps in starting your nonprofit organization. Official recognition as a nonprofit means that it will be exempt from tax but it also allows your donors to deduct any Read More

How to Use Instagram to Spread Your Nonprofit’s Mission

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Why We’re Different: Commercial Competitors Can’t Beat a Nonprofit Insurer

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Avoid These Mistakes When Placing Nonprofit Insurance

Common mistakes nonprofits make it when it comes to insurance. We all make mistakes, even in business. It’s a part of life because humans are imperfect. Unfortunately, making certain mistakes can spell bad news for your nonprofit organization. When it comes to insuring your organization, there are Read More

Unusual Ways to Attract Volunteers to Your Nonrprofit

Take a look at these unconventional ways to attract volunteers. It’s not always easy to attract people to give up their time to help your cause. There are so many nonprofits out there today that most people are spoilt for choice. For that reason, you’ve got to think outside of the box if you want Read More