Nonprofit Insurance Factors to Consider

What to consider when shopping for nonprofit insurance. Shopping for nonprofit insurance is not something most directors find enjoyable. It can be a confusing, overwhelming, and time-consuming task – but it is an important one. To help you understand the nonprofit insurance world better and to Read More

Special Events Consider Unique Risks for Nonprofits

Understand where your nonprofit could be at risk.   A fundamental success of nonprofits is the ability to raise funds and awareness. Although social media can do its part in connecting your nonprofit to the world, special events remain a key source of fundraising. These fundraisers run the gamut Read More

The Role of Your Broker in Your Nonprofit Insurance Program

Why to Work With a Nonprofit Insurance Broker When you’re considering securing insurance for your nonprofit, you may need the assistance of an insurance broker. This person can be very useful to have on board as he/she can help you find the right coverage, maintain it to suit your needs, and can Read More

Why Nonprofits Need Insurance

How nonprofit insurance can benefit your organization.   It’s not unusual for new or small nonprofits to overlook the value of insurance when considering their nonprofit protection. After all, you’re a nonprofit, what risks do you have? It turns out, many. Nonprofits are not immune to disasters, Read More

Why to Make Succession Planning and Safe Development a Priority

Tips to make succession planning important in your nonprofit. A vital nonprofit and fundraising topic is succession planning. Believe it or not, but succession planning is a much stronger approach with far better results than not planning for the inevitable time when a transition takes place. Read More

Data Privacy and Compliance at Nonprofit Organizations

Creating a Culture of Data Privacy at Your Nonprofit Nonprofits that operate online or store information digitally should consider their cyber safety. If your organization uses the internet in some shape or form, understand that there are real risks to your nonprofit’s own data security as well as Read More

The Diversity on Nonprofit Boards

Having a Nonprofit Board with Diversity   Many nonprofit owners actively seek to diversity their board to include alternative perspectives and ideas. Each person will, of course, bring his or her own personal and professional contacts and life experiences to their service on a nonprofit board. With Read More