8 Ways to Show Nonprofit Volunteers That You Care

teamwork in an organizationTips on how your nonprofit can appreciate your volunteers.

Nonprofits often have the support of volunteers who dedicate their time and energy into furthering your cause. If so, you may want to show these people that your nonprofit appreciates what they are doing. Taking the time to recognize volunteers is essential for retaining existing volunteers and recruiting new ones.

Many nonprofits don’t have access to funds to show appreciation to their volunteers through four-course dinners or loaded gift cards. As a result, we have come up with a few low-cost and no-cost options that help you to support your volunteers and show sincere gratitude.

  1. Post photos of your volunteers on the nonprofit’s social media sites and thank them for their efforts.
  2. Hold a photo or video contest among volunteers that will help build a sense of camaraderie and fun.
  3. Provide food and/or beverages for volunteers, when appropriate, during events. A cup of soup in winter or fresh fruit in the summer would be quite appreciated!
  4. Provide volunteers with small tokens of gratitude or gift cards. Ask local vendors for small donations now and again.
  5. Honor volunteers with a variety of awards that will highlight their dedication to the cause such as Volunteer of the Year, Most Inspirational Volunteer, and Most Enthusiastic Volunteer.
  6. Send simple, handwritten thank you notes to volunteers.
  7. Remember your volunteers’ birthdays with greeting cards.
  8. Celebrate milestones in the volunteers’ hours of services. It doesn’t have to need major milestones. Small milestones can encourage new volunteers, too.

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