60 Seconds to HR Savings

For every 66 employees at a nonprofit, on average there is just one Human Resources role, revealed a recent research survey published by NonprofitHR.

From recruitment to HR compliance to employee termination and unemployment hearings, this one HR person has managed to do it all… and then some.

But with limited HR staff, the chances of committing costly errors or compliance oversights in daily activity can be high.

Since the typical one-person Human Resources department costs $91,715 to run—with the cost increasing cumulatively for every HR role added—most nonprofits can’t afford more HR staff, let alone legal counsel to ensure rules are being properly implemented.

Increasingly this is leading nonprofit employers to look for outside expert support for HR functions. Nonprofits are able to save time and money, while also ensuring that they are staying in step with of-the-moment best practices. Additionally this allows smaller or understaffed nonprofits to more readily access the expertise and resources of a larger HR knowledge pool.

Our friends at UST put together a 60-second video to show how other nonprofits have lowered the cost of HR: http://ww2.chooseust.org/lp/60seconds.html