3 Effective Donor Retention Strategies for Small Nonprofits

Maintain your donors for a successful nonprofit.


Most small nonprofits can scarcely afford to lose any donors from one year to the next, given the expensive and time-consuming effort that donor acquisition represents. In turn, it makes sense for nonprofits to focus on donor retention to save time, costs, and to maintain a secure line of funding. For a few effective strategies that you can use to do this, read on.


Keep records of all your communications

Many nonprofits make the mistake of asking donors to do things they’ve already done or asking them questions they’ve already answered. It’s important to keep track of all communications with your donors so that you know what has been said before so that communications can be tailored without appearing repetitive.


Deliver various engagement opportunities

Consider launching different, innovative campaigns that attract your donors in different ways. Fundraising doesn’t always have to be asking them for a monetary donation. Instead, consider asking for contributions of their time, in-kind donations, advocacy actions, or event attendance.


Encourage face-to-face communication

Encourage your donors to get to know you and your nonprofit team members at the different events and meetings. When it comes to asking for major gifts, this is an essential building block that inspires trust in donors. Make sure to dig out your donor database notes before events so that you know some details about the donors you’re talking to.


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