3 Building Blocks of Strong Nonprofit Brands

Your nonprofit is important to you – but how do you share this with the world? How do you create a brand that no one can ignore? Intelligent branding is something many businesses and organizations have yet to perfect. While there is no clear cut answer of what makes a strong brand, there are building blocks that every nonprofit must have to make branding work.



Without strong leadership, it’s hard to build community support or create change. A great board of top-level nonprofit professionals with name recognition can help to lead your brand towards success. Assemble a board of directors with some big names to generate interest.


Influential Donors

Donors keep nonprofits on their feet and able to complete their mission, which is why it’s so important for organizations to be aware of major donors when planning a new project. Incentivizing your top donors will help to have more successful fundraising activities.


Effective Communication

Don’t just go with the annual report to showcase your organization’s impact. It might be a valuable sell document, but it’s not as helpful as a well-built website filled with stories and visuals. Tell authentic stories about your work to create a connection with the audience.


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