What You Should Know About Volunteer Accident Insurance

Find out how you can offer your volunteers the protection they need. If you run a nonprofit, then chances are you employ volunteers.  While using volunteers is a cost-effective way of completing the business of your nonprofit, there are some risks associated with this strategy.  Find out how you Read More

The Basics: Property Insurance for Non-Profits

What you need to know about nonprofit property insurance. Every organization depends on its people, its places, and its things.  While the people of your nonprofit are protected through liability insurance, the broad categories of people and things require coverage as well.  That’s where property Read More

Common Misconceptions About Nonprofit Insurance Coverage

Learn more about insurance for nonprofits. If you run a nonprofit, then it’s critical that you understand exactly what your insurance can do for your organization.  However, insurance can be confusing and the many different misconceptions regarding insurance coverage can leave you wondering what Read More

How Does Non Profit Liability Insurance Work?

Think you can get away without liability insurance? Think again. Liability insurance helps to stand your nonprofit in good stead. The process of finding insurance is overwhelming for many nonprofit directors. Most insurance agents don’t understand their unique needs and treat them as a business. Read More

Facts to Consider When Purchasing Nonprofit Insurance

Shopping for insurance for your nonprofit organization can be a fairly stressful process, but there are a few facts you must consider when purchasing nonprofit insurance. Most directors find the idea of shopping for nonprofit insurance to be the furthest things from enjoyable. Why? Insurance is Read More

How Does Nonprofit Insurance Work?

Nonprofit insurance does not exist in a one-size-fits-all fashion, which is why you must understand your unique needs before you purchase any policy.  Nonprofit insurance is an overwhelming experience for most nonprofit directors. The primary reason being the disconnect between the insurance agent Read More

May is Mental Health Month

Every month seems to be something new. This May, help spread awareness about Mental Health Month! Since 1949, Mental Health America has led the observance of May being Mental Health Month by reaching out to millions of Americans through the media, screenings, and local events. This May, do your Read More