Millennials and Your Nonprofit

Does Your Nonprofit Appeal to Millennials? Millennials continue to have the largest buying power in the U.S., believe it or not. Gone are the days of targeting the baby boomer population, and now that we’ve entered into 2018, the rise of Millennials is only set to increase. What’s the best way to Read More

Should Your Nonprofit Hire an Intern?

Welcome in the New Year with the prospect of offering an internship program. Internships provide an excellent opportunity for college and graduate students to learn with hands-on experience. Nonprofits who hire interns also reap many benefits of taking on an extra pair of hands and an excited Read More

Benefits of Getting Your Nonprofit Insured

Why your nonprofit organization needs Directors and Officers Liability Insurance.  Directors and Officers liability insurance, or D&O, is the type of coverage you should be looking into to protect your nonprofit’s board members. Nonprofit D&O liability insurance helps to cover defense Read More

Your Holiday Safety Checklist

The festive season comes with unique risks – Here’s how to stay safe! It’s the most wonderful time of the year – but don’t let your guard down. While we all assume our homes and properties are safe, the holiday season means that we face unique challenges as we deck the halls, light the fire, and Read More

How Your Nonprofit Can Increase Donations During the Holiday Season

Is your nonprofit making the most of the giving season? Not only is the holiday season officially underway, but so is the time for giving. December proves an especially important month for those who want to give back to the community and help others. After all, this is a season built on gifts for Read More

What Type of Insurance Should Non-Profits Have?

Protect your nonprofit organization with the right insurance. Even though you set up your nonprofit organization for a noble cause, there are still risks, just like any other business. Even with the goodwill surrounding many nonprofit organizations, there still needs to be a responsibility of the Read More

Non-Profit Insurance Tips You Can’t Afford to Miss

Ensure that your nonprofit doesn’t miss these essential tips. No matter what cause nonprofit is geared up to help, having the right type of insurance coverage is essential to the sustainability of your organization. When it comes to your nonprofit, you are in need of insurance coverage that is Read More

Strategies to Get More Donations for Your Nonprofit

Help your cause by improving donations. Even though generating donations for your nonprofit can seem like a never-ending battle, there are ways to make it easier. The Internet has changed the face of fundraising, and more and more people are giving to donations online. It is crucial that your Read More

Common Mistakes Non-Profit Organizations Make

How to keep your nonprofit organization moving forward. We all make mistakes, even in business. It’s a part of life because humans are imperfect. Unfortunately, making certain mistakes can spell bad news for your nonprofit organization. When it comes to growing your organization, there are a few Read More

What You Should Know About Volunteer Accident Insurance

Find out how you can offer your volunteers the protection they need. If you run a nonprofit, then chances are you employ volunteers.  While using volunteers is a cost-effective way of completing the business of your nonprofit, there are some risks associated with this strategy.  Find out how you Read More