Are You Doing Enough to Protect Your Volunteers?

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Myths About Volunteering – Debunked!

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Does Your Nonprofit Need Volunteer Accident Coverage?

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Are Employee Handbooks Essential for Nonprofit Organizations?

Tips to create a nonprofit employee handbook. Any nonprofit organization with more than one or two employees should consider creating a written employee handbook. Generally, this should outline non-contractual employment terms and working conditions. Having an employee handbook ensures everyone in Read More

How Nonprofits Can Use Marketing to Engage Millennials

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How to Cut Your Workers’ Compensation in Half

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Best Practices for Converting Volunteers to Donors

How to inspire your volunteers to consider donations. It’s no secret that nonprofits need volunteers and donors to achieve their goals and carry out their mission. What many nonprofits don’t know is that the line between their volunteers and donors is very thin. While you may have a great support Read More

Tips to Retain Volunteers

Retain volunteer commitment with these tips to keep them happy. Your volunteers are superheroes! They give up their time to benefit your nonprofit that helps a worthy cause. They fill many roles in different capacities, bringing diverse skill sets as board members, committee leads, guides, ushers, Read More

Essential Tips for Email Marketing

How your nonprofit can make the most of email marketing. Email marketing is an essential piece of any nonprofit communication strategy, especially if it’s going to be used as a tool for donor engagement and fundraising campaigns. However, when everyone’s inbox is so full of other companies’ Read More

Mobile Giving Trends Your Nonprofit Needs to Know

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