Tips for Every Office This National Safety Month!

National Safety Month is the prime opportunity to make sure that your office is clean, clear, and free from harm. Accidents happen. However, sometimes they can result in serious injuries. National Safety Month seeks to raise awareness and reduce the number of injuries and deaths from preventable Read More

Facts to Consider When Purchasing Nonprofit Insurance

Shopping for insurance for your nonprofit organization can be a fairly stressful process, but there are a few facts you must consider when purchasing nonprofit insurance. Most directors find the idea of shopping for nonprofit insurance to be the furthest things from enjoyable. Why? Insurance is Read More

Travel Tips: Traveling with Electronics

Traveling without electronics in this day and age is like traveling without your passport: it can't be done. But how do you keep them safe? Summer is coming. That means that many of us will pack our bags and travel to some great summer getaways. But traveling with electronics can be a bit of a Read More

How Does Nonprofit Insurance Work?

Nonprofit insurance does not exist in a one-size-fits-all fashion, which is why you must understand your unique needs before you purchase any policy.  Nonprofit insurance is an overwhelming experience for most nonprofit directors. The primary reason being the disconnect between the insurance agent Read More

May is Mental Health Month

Every month seems to be something new. This May, help spread awareness about Mental Health Month! Since 1949, Mental Health America has led the observance of May being Mental Health Month by reaching out to millions of Americans through the media, screenings, and local events. This May, do your Read More

Liability Insurance for Nonprofit Organizations 101

You may think that your nonprofit does not need liability insurance but this thinking is flawed and may put you in big trouble should there be an accident.  What kind of insurance do you need for your nonprofit organization? The answer to that question depends entirely on what your organization is Read More

How to Take Part on Earth Day

Earth Day is the day in which we celebrate the fragility and greatness of our planet: our only home.  The earth changing before our very eyes, and it's not for the better. Climate change is a very real threat that every single person currently alive needs to address because the actions will affect Read More

How to Prevent Workplace Slips, Trips, & Falls

Your workplace should be one that is neat and organized, not just because of the aesthetic but as to prevent workplace slips, trips, and falls.  It's happened to all of us: we momentarily lose focus and think about whatever enters our head. That slight distraction, which seems insignificant, Read More

How to Recognize National Stress Awareness Month

April is National Stress Awareness Month, do you know how to combat the everyday stress to which you are exposed. Everyone experiences stress from time to time. And there are unfortunately some people that feel it more than others. It can be a real joy-killer, and if left unchecked it can lead to Read More

How to Make Smart Hires Using Counterintuitive Methods

Want to stop looking over terrible resumes? Using these rather counterintuitive methods may help you reduce the time you spend on resumes while giving you the opportunity to hire the perfect hires.  As the new year settles down, you may have some vacant positions you are looking to fill. In an Read More