What are the Best Ways to Advocate for Your Cause?

If you have a cause that you believe in, find ways to spread awareness for it. Advocacy is publicly supporting and spreading awareness for a particular cause.  Just as there are countless different causes to support, there are countless different ways to advocate.  Nonprofit organizations have many Read More

The Basics: Property Insurance for Non-Profits

What you need to know about nonprofit property insurance. Every organization depends on its people, its places, and its things.  While the people of your nonprofit are protected through liability insurance, the broad categories of people and things require coverage as well.  That’s where property Read More

Common Misconceptions About Nonprofit Insurance Coverage

Learn more about insurance for nonprofits. If you run a nonprofit, then it’s critical that you understand exactly what your insurance can do for your organization.  However, insurance can be confusing and the many different misconceptions regarding insurance coverage can leave you wondering what Read More

Tips for a Successful Non-Profit

Use these tips to strive towards success with your non-profit. Like most small companies, non-profits are born out of passion and the desire to make a difference. While many non-profit leaders believe that limited finances hold the organization back from thriving, there are easy steps to take to Read More

How to Inspire Volunteers

Motivate and inspire the backbone of your non-profit.  Volunteering has become a popular solution for people who have got some time on their hands and want to build a better community and help others. As a non-profit leader, you’re aware that volunteers are the backbone of your organization and Read More

What Happens if Your Non-Profit Doesn’t Have the Right Insurance?

Take a closer look at the dangers of going coverage-free. Non-profits, by nature, don’t make a lot of excess money to spend unwisely or keep it individually. Through collecting funds through donations, government grants, sales, and other sources of income, they apply the funds to areas in need Read More

Different Kinds of Insurance Your Non-Profit Needs

Secure your non-profit’s needed insurance policies. While there is a lot to consider when starting a non-profit organization, insurance should always be high up on the list. After all, you don’t want to put a lot of time and effort into an organization, only to see it crumble after one incident Read More

Tips for Handling a Nonprofit Insurance Claim

It’s important to know how to file insurance claims so that your organization isn’t caught paying for damages it would otherwise be insured for. Even in the best situations, nonprofit organizations face hurdles. Quite often these challenges come in the form of insurance claims. While you may have Read More

Organization Tools Your Home Must Have

Straighten and smarten up your home through organization techniques. A home is meant to be a warm and comforting place for you and your family. It’s your Home Sweet Home after all, right? What happens when the house declines into an unsightly mess? If you need to pull on your cleaning gloves and Read More

Avoid These Mistakes When Buying Nonprofit Insurance

A nonprofit organization faces unique risks that mean that a standard policy will not fit the bill. When it comes to insurance, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all policy, especially when it comes to nonprofit insurance. The specialized risks that these organizations face must be Read More