Top 3 Risks Affecting Nonprofit Fundraisers

How to manage common fundraising risks. Many nonprofits rely on fundraisers to continue their important operations. What many don’t realize is that fundraising can be an inherently risky process. This is because two different departments handle risk management and fundraising. When these two teams Read More

Essential Strategies and Avoidable Errors in Nonprofit Insurance Coverages

The dos and don’ts in protecting your nonprofit. Nonprofit owners are away that nonprofits need insurance as part of their risk management strategy. However, buying insurance is not as simple as many organizations think. Before looking at the various policies and coverages, it’s smart for a Read More

Improving Your Nonprofit’s Cybersecurity

Securing confidential data as a nonprofit. Nonprofit leaders may think that hackers have no interest in them, but this can be a costly assumption to believe. Any organization that contains private data such as credit card numbers is at risk. Nonprofits that receive charitable donations actually Read More

Are You Doing Enough to Protect Your Volunteers?

How you can help to protect your volunteers. People who volunteer often do so because they receive an emotional or practical benefit. While volunteers play a critical role in the operation of many nonprofit organizations, they do come with their own unique risks. Nonprofit organizations can help Read More

Myths About Volunteering – Debunked!

Common misconceptions about volunteering. One of the most common misconceptions about volunteering is that there are not many people willing to give their time and effort to a worthy cause. In reality, more and more people are looking to impact their community and the planet, and volunteering is a Read More

Does Your Nonprofit Need Volunteer Accident Coverage?

Determine if your nonprofit would benefit from volunteer accident coverage. As a nonprofit organization, you know just how invaluable your volunteers can be. You’re determined to help your community, and generous people give up their time and/or money to help you achieve that. Volunteers are a Read More

Are Employee Handbooks Essential for Nonprofit Organizations?

Tips to create a nonprofit employee handbook. Any nonprofit organization with more than one or two employees should consider creating a written employee handbook. Generally, this should outline non-contractual employment terms and working conditions. Having an employee handbook ensures everyone in Read More